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 Nearly forty years have been passed since I started to play the bassoon. During the past forty years, I have wished to familiarize many people with this fine instrument, and I have been looking for ways in which I could contribute to its diffusion as a former student, a performer and an instructor. Owing to its characteristic tone color, its warm sonorities and wide compass, the bassoon is absolutely essential for solo performances, chamber music, and especially wind ensembles and symphony orchestras, which are very popular in Japan.

However, most bassoons are too expensive for organizations such as schools, as well as individuals. Besides, there have been many bassoons that do not have good tone color or evenness of intonation relative to their price, and I have regarded price as one of the most frequent hindrances to bassoon familiarization. Therefore, in order to overturn the fixed image that the bassoon cannot be familiarized due to its expensive price, I have started making my own bassoons, which have good quality and are inexpensive. Over the past ten years, I have continued to develop my bassoon through trial and error. Today I am able to provide several types of bassoons that can meet various demands such as those for beginners or professional performers, instruments that are played in approximately thirty countries around the world. It is my pleasure to be able to support many bassoon aficionados in this way.

Kind regards,
Yuhiko Takeda


Yuhiko Takeda

Graduated from Faculty of Music, Wind and Percussion Instruments, with a Masters Degree from the School of Music at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music, otherwise known as Tokyo Gei-Dai. During his student days at the University, he has started serving with the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra as Bassoonist. He also studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, following which after studying, he joined the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. He started to make his own bassoons after sixteen years service with the Tokyo Philharmonic.


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